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The K 9 Listener presents
'Understanding your dog'
with Shaun Ellis
"The Wolfman"

November 7th

This seminar is a must for any dog owner, or anyone who works with dogs, who would like a better understanding of their dog aswell as their dog's behaviour. You will learn why your dog does the things it does and how to deal with many different problems. Shaun's insight into the canine world is like no other; he is one of the few people to have lived with wolves, both wild and domestic, applying what he has learnt over the past 20+ years, to the domestic dog.

Shaun is the star of the hit TV series 'Living with the Wolfman' and has appeared on many TV shows, most recently 'The One Show'.


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Below are some of Shauns thoughts on dogs and how the wolf in our dogs can be seen and how it causes problems to owners

"We found that there are a lot of comparisons in the way the wolf works its social order and how the dog wants to work it. The difficulty comes in the compromise, its allowing the dog to be a little bit wolf, but also giving the dog the knowledge it need to operate in our world. The prey drive in a lot of dogs is people’s downfall, their inability to control it; a lot of this comes from a lack of understanding. Many people believe that if a dog chases an animal, that, if they can terminate the chase, bring the dog back and then reward it with food that will actually stop that animal from chasing again. All they have done, really, is highlighted whatever the dog is chasing as a food source by rewarding with food. The dog should be bought back and rewarded with warmth; to tell the dog that security was the reward here. Then maybe a ball or toy could be thrown in a prey like manner and then the food reward given at that point, high lighting to the dog that they prey drive comes from chasing the ball not the animal”, though, he explains “the reward has to match the animals social order".

"In the wolf world each animal is determined the quality of food and sometimes the quantity of food, that’s what divides the pack. We give components of food to certain animals to ensure their quality of food is poorer than that of a higher-ranking animal, dividing them by odour. Some dogs are so instinctive that they realise that this division comes from their food so by giving them a dog food they are all made equal, if they want to improve or lower their status then consuming vegetable matter or meat in various different quantities, whether it be scavenging from the bin or simply catching the food (if they’ve got the ability) will improve or lower their social order which in the dog world and the wolf world will make the difference of life or death"

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