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Dog Owner Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable morning walk. Bobby and I had a great time with you and your (human and canine) friends. I am so pleased I have found you and your group and we shall certainly be joining you on your walks again soon. I will also be recommending the group to all my doggy friends. "

"What a difference James has made for Brodie and me – Brodie being the 4 year old Samoyed I rehomed last October. Brilliant! Brodie has been transformed from a really nervous dog who either rushed at people and dogs furiously barking or hid under furniture to avoid them into a lovely sociable boy who walks well on a lead, comes back when off the lead and regularly walks out with up to 20 dogs and their assorted humans.
James gave us simple guidelines, continuous back up and advice and leadership – for both of us. I can’t recommend him enough and he’s very better value and more fun than other so-called canine behaviourists"

Allison & Brodie

"We collected Smokey a Staffordshire bull terrier from a dog rescue centre within Lincoln, Lincolnshire and we soon learned that Smokey was very aggressive towards other dogs. We’ve had several dog trainers from around Lincolnshire and we'd taken Smokey to dog training socialisation courses, but we’ve never seen any results in-fact it has shown that it has given him more stress.

We didn’t think that anything was possible, but we thought we would give James a chance, and wow! He amazed us instantly and we saw massive improvements even within the first couple of weeks."

Shane, Vicky & Smokey

"James came to help with our two cocker spaniels, It was certainly a case of the dogs taking me for a walk, all the usual things, and in the pack hierarchy I soon found out which was the weakest link in the chain – Me! I had watched the television programmes on dog’s behaviour’s, Cesar Millan – The Dog whisper etc and attempted to replicate the theory.

It must be said that in actually having James come and undertake a visit, it is only really then that you see and understand how this all works. James has a natural rapore with dogs (and us humans) and the methods he showed us, and the interactivity, certainly set me up and gave me a different and better understanding of our dogs requirements.

In the few days since james’s visit both dog’s are showing the positive changes. The dogs are far calmer, the walks enjoyable (for us all) the interaction between us and the dogs has improved. I could of carried on reading the books, watching the shows, but investing in having James come to our home and give us the actual and physical exercises ,information and understanding was a very valuable and well worthy investment."

Alan,Coreen & Anthony
Brambles and Amber

"I can't recommend James enough. He made us see ours and my dogs behaviour in a new way. James works calmly not harshly, my dog respected him immediately. I only wish I'd contacted him sooner"
Sam C, Alford

"As avid followers of Cesar Millan we are delighted to of found someone who practices his methods of training people. Thanks to your expertise and help James we are becoming better pack leaders, and it shows in our dogs. Your visit helped us with a lot of minor things that we had not noticed. I would add that the Sunday morning structured walks with a pack are very informative and enjoyable for humans and canines alike. They are a must for anyone who wants to understand their dog better. Many thanks James we would recommend you to anybody."
Hazel, Mick, Rebel and Prince

"Findlay was found tied up in the woods having been abandoned. He was underweight and nervous. He spent a week in kennels before he came home to us.
We lavished him with love, attention, food, toys and treats to make up for his bad start in life. It very quickly became apparent that we had a problem, Findlay became aggressive and attacked every dog we met. Walking became a nightmare, always scanning the horizon for other dogs. It was a time of anxiety and frustration Then we found James.
He came to the house and out on a walk with us to assess the situation. He gave us rules and a plan to follow and to be honest, at first we didn't like our new rules. James trained us humans not to humanise our dog and not to place human emotions on him.

We gave the plan our best shot and put everything into it and joined the group dog walking sessions. Gradually we started to notice changes in Findlay's behaviour The rules and plan were actually working which gave us more confidence. James has taught us to give our dog what he needs to be a dog, not a human!

Four months later, walking Findlay is now a pleasure, he still has the odd little skirmish but we are able to tackle it with confidence and not become anxious.
We still go on the group dog walking sessions which Findlay really enjoys and James is always available for help and tips Thank you James for teaching us to understand our dog. We can't recommend you highly enough! "

Deb, Kerry and Findlay