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Group Dog Walking Sessions Lincolnshire

The K 9 Listener group dog walk is aimed to socialise dogs in a more natural way to them, as opposed to the traditional dog training, dog socialisation,and puppy socialisation classes run by your local dog trainer in a small field or hall.

A good percentage of dogs find dog training, dog socialisation,and puppy socialisation classes very stressful and can be counter productive

Dogs are descendants through evolution of the Wolf, and benefit from one of the Wolf's most primal activity, the migrate.

Placing dogs in a pack and migrating as a pack takes the dog back to its primal self and therefore fulfils the animal's needs.

Can Group Walking Help Dog Behavioural Problems?

I began Group walking so I could help more dogs with behavioural problems on a larger scale.

Pack work, using a group of balanced dogs, to influence the behaviour of an unbalanced individual dog, is an amazing tool which can create permanent change in a dog and help create a healthy balanced attitude and behaviour. Using pack orientation speeds up the rehabilitation process by months.

What do we do on Group Walks?

We meet up in Louth (due to demand more locations will be coming soon so please keep checking my site)

We then form a pack and walk one of the lovely routes available to us covering a variety of environments ranging from your every day urban environments that can be stressful to your dogs, to as many different rural environments as possible, gaining control around different types of wildlife.

What do I need for the Group Walks?

A good pair of walking shoes, water for your dog, a normal lead, no extendible leads or harnesses are allowed.

Where are the Walks?


Currently the walks are in and around the Louth area starting from the large car park by the Boar's Head on Newmarket.
View more information on our group dog walks in Louth

Per session prices

Bulk session prices

If you are attending for the first time, please call as firstly I would like to be aware if your dog has any behavioural problems and secondly, I may have organised a different venue the week before to give some variety to the walks.

If you need anymore information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Our group dog walking sessions have been a huge success in Louth Lincolnshire!
If we can get enough interest we could setup group dog walks within Grimsby, Lincoln and Mablethorpe.
Please contact me if you are interested in having a session near you.